Hormones and Immunology Lab

The activities of the laboratory:

1. Quantify different hormones and bioactive peptides.
2. immunological assays using the most recent and the more accurate methods.
3. Diagnose the different hormonal and immunological disorders in different animals.
4. Technical support of researcher in the field of endocrinology immunology and hormones.
5. Training on hormones and bioactive peptides quantification.
6. The use of different ELISA and immune enzymatic techniques to search for any improper material in different animal products.
7. Produce monospecific antibodies for all animal species

Imtruments available in the lab:

1- Gamma Counter
To quantify hormones using RIA
2- ELISA Reader To quantify hormones using ELISSA technique  

Radiation detection Instruments:

1 - Gigar Muller 2- Pocket Dosimeter 3 - Survey meter

Lab Supervisor: Yassin Mohamed Hafez
Professor of Animal Physiology - Faculty of Agriculture - Cairo University

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