Meat Lab

1- Food Scan™ Pro meat analyzer

Food Scan™ is the AOAC approved ’gold standard’ in meat content analysis; used to determine chemical composition of meat and its products (moisture, protein, fat and collagen) using Infra-red .
Food Scan™ Pro meat analyzer (Foss Analytical A/S, Model 78810, Denmark).

2- Instron Universal Testing Machine

Used to determine the shear force as indicator for tenderness of meat and meat products or hardness for some product like snacks.
Instron Universal Testing Machine (Model 2519-105, USA) and the load cell 1kN.

3- Croma meter (for color determination)

to determine the color for any hard and soft materials such as raw meat, meat products, snacks, juices, …., etc. The outputs of equipment are L*, a*, and b* or ΔL, Δa, Δb.
Croma meter (Konica Minolta, model CR 410, Japan) calibrated with a white plate and light trap supplied by the manufacturer.

Supervisor of Meat Lab: P/ Amal Kamal Aloashery
Professor of Animal Husbandry - Faculty of Agriculture - Cairo University

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