Microbiology Research Lab

Microbiology Research Lab:
The microbiology research lab performs the microbiological analysis of different samples according to the standard specifications. The microbiology research lab seeks to get ISO 17025 accreditation, establish microbial culture collection, classification unit, microbial fermentation unit and molecular microbiology unit to fulfill the needs of researchers from various faculties in Cairo University.

The microbiology research lab seeks to be one of the most distinct accredited labs in microbial analysis, training, consultations and research in the Arab world.

The microbiology research lab aims to implement the most recent techniques in microbiological analysis to achieve the highest quality level in education, scientific research and community service sectors. Also, the lab seeks to provide different training programs for habilitation of qualified persons microbiologically.

The main objectives of microbiology research lab are:
  1. To gain ISO 17025 accreditation.
  2. Community service through the analysis of different samples according to the international standards.
  3. Establishment of microbial culture collection and units of microbial classification, microbial fermentation and molecular microbiology.
  4. Providing advanced training programs to habilitate qualified persons microbiologically.
  5. Linking the microbial scientific research with the problems of environmental pollution.
  6. Increasing the scientific cooperation with regional and international research laboratories in the field of microbiology.
  7. Development of the lab to produce economically important microbial products.
  8. Adopting the multidisciplinary research.

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