Microbiology Research Lab

Microbiological Analyses in Microbiology Research Lab:

  Determination of General Viable Counts:
 1. Total Plate Counts  2. Total Thermophiles
 3. Total Psychrophiles  4. Total Psychrotrophs
 5. Total Actinomycetes  6. Total Fungi
 7. Total Spore - Forming Bacteria  8. Total Anaerobic Bacteria
  Determination of Food Spoilage Microorganisms
 9. Total Saccharolytics  10. Total Proteolytics
 11. Total Lipolytics  
 Determination of Indicator and Index Microorganisms
 12. Total Enterobacteriaceae  13. Total Coliforms
 14. Faecal Coliforms  15. Faecal Streptococci
 16. Total Enterococci  
 Detection and Determination of Pathogenic & Toxigenic Microorganisms
 17. Listeria monocytogenes  18. Salmonella sp.
 19. Shigella sp.  20. Klebsiella sp.
 21. Yersinia sp.  22. Escherichia coli
 23. Vibrio sp.  24. Staph. aureus
 25. Bacillus cereus  26. Pseudomonas aeroginosa
 27. Clostridium perfringenes  
 28. Detection of food-borne pathogens using Real-Time PCR based method
  Determination of Soil Microorganisms
 29. Azotobacter  30. Azospirillum
 31. Rhizobia  32. Nitrosomonas
 33. Nitrobacter  34. Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria
 35. Potassium Solubilizing Bacteria  36. Aerobic Cellulose Decomposers
 37. Anaerobic Cellulose Decomposers  38. Total Nitrogen Fixers
 39. Urea Decomposers  
  Microscopic Imaging
 40. Microscopic Imaging using Fluorescence Microscope
 41. Microscopic Imaging using Stereo - Fluorescence Microscope
 42. Microscopic Imaging using Light Microscope
 43. Microscopic Imaging using Inverted Microscope
 44. Microscopic Imaging using Stereo Microscope
 Miscellaneous Tests
 45. Determination of Total Lactic Acid Bacteria 
 46. Testing the Antimicrobial Effect of any Substance
 47. Determination of the MIC  48. Determination of the MBC
 49. Bacterial Classification  
 50. Determination of Microbial Quality of Compost as a Final Product and During Processing. 
 51. Testing the Viability of Biofertilizers  

Autoclaves Hot Air Sterilizers UV Kit
Filtration Unit Incubators Cooling Incubators
Shaking Incubator Stomacher Colony Counter

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