Microbiology Research Lab

Microscopic Imaging Unit:

This unit is equipped with:
  1. Fluorescence Microscopy LEICA DMLB2 with filter cubes A4, I3 and N2.1.
  2. Stereo Microscopy LEICA M216.
  3. Stereo-fluorescence Microscopy LEICA M216.
  4. Inverted Microscopy LEICA DMIL.
  5. Light Microscopy LEICA DMLB2.
The photography is performed using the latest scientific digital camera Leica DFC 450 digital firewire color video camera system

Also, there is the overlay software for photography of cells stained with different fluorochromes Leica LAS image overlay (Z-stack) software module for fluorescence / FISH imaging

Inverted Microscopy Fluorescence Microscopy
Light Microscopy
Stereo Microscopy
Stereo-fluorescence Microscopy

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Microscopic Imaging Unit 
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